Searching For New Arrangements?

When I am visiting festivals and listen to the many groups that perform there, I often hear a lot of the same arrangements. What I like about it is that you can compare the different interpretations of the same arrangements.

The downside of all this is that many groups sing the same arrangements. And I don’t mean 2 groups singing the same arrangement but mostly 4 or more groups singing the same arrangement from the very same arranger.

I hear a lot of groups and choirs searching for arrangements but they don’t know where to find them. The idea came tot me of making a list of different possibilities to obtain new arrangements (besides the possibility to let an arranger write a custom-made arrangement for your choir or group).

  • Jetse Bremer – Almost every choir in Holland sings arrangements of Jetse. I think he’s one of the most popular arrangers in Holland. website
  • Tijs Krammer – Another choral arranger from Holland. website
  • Chorus Online – This is a fairly new publisher for choral pop music. The team of arrangers has been growing from only Dutch arrangers to an international team of arrangers. Among them are Carol Canning (United Kingdom), Malene Rigtrup (Denmark), Stefan Flügel (Germany) and Jo Annemans (Belgium). The catalogue is growing every month and offers an ever growing collection of titles of contemporary pop music, but there are also some ‘golden oldies’. website
  • Musikal Spezial – Germany – This publisher, founded by Matthias Becker, has a lot of titles in it’s catalogue. Are you looking for a title, then I can recommend you to also look in this catalogue. website
  • Corona Music – Denmark – Corona Music is the publisher of arrangements sung by Vocal Line (for example just think of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’) Many arrangements are written by Jens Johansen, Malene Rigtrup and Morten Kjær. I think most interesting are the arrangements of Ørehænger. The site is somewhat annoying when you’re looking for particular titles. website
  • – USA – Besides the many, many, many books on singing technique, methodology and songbooks, this site offers you a very large catalogue of arrangements. Not only in pop music but also vocal jazz. The arrangements are mostly written by well know American arrangers like Kirby Shaw, Mac Huff, Marc Brymer, Deke Sharon, Roger Emerson, Phil Mattson and Greg Jasperse. website
  • – USA – The catalogue on this site is most similar to the catalogue of When doesn’t have a title I’m looking for, I mostly find it on this site (or the other way around). I never paid attention to the price, but I don’t think there’s a lot of difference between those two sites. What makes it easier to use is the search-option on this site. It makes it easier for me to search for titles. website
  • sheetmusicplus – USA – When I think about it: this site is also similar to the last two sites: also a big collection of pop-, jazz- and classical tunes/arrangements. website

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Thanks in advance!

Rogier IJmker

Rogier IJmker is sinds het jaar 2000 werkzaam in het dirigeer- en arrangeervak. Alle ervaring en kennis die hij heeft opgedaan in al die jaren wil hij nu delen via Verder is hij dirigent van drie koren en schrijft hij arrangementen voor groepen in binnen- en buitenland, voor (semi-)professionele maar ook amateurgezelschappen.