Playing Piano? Do I Really Have To Do That?

Playing piano is an essential skill for all conductors and arrangers. As a conductor and arranger, it is strongly recommended to develop your piano playing skills.

Conductor & Playing Piano

For a conductor it is useful to play a few chords and be able to play an accompaniment, especially in vocal pop & jazz music. It is also a convenient skill for preparing parts at home. Because when you can sing all the parts it is even better if you can sing one part and play another part on the piano at the same time (tip: adapt the tempo to your abilities and practice so slowly that you can do this flawless). This way you hear the harmonies together and you know how parts should sound together.

Arranger & Playing Piano

As an arranger playing piano is important for three things:

1 – you get a lot of understanding of harmonic structures and harmonic connections. Because the piano is such a visual tool, you see everything happening just before your eyes.

2 – when you write for a pianist, do you know all the possibilities, but the limitations are. In fact this applies to each instrument. In the most perfect situation should you be able to play any instrument what you write.

3 – the piano is an orchestra in your fingers. There is no other instrument that can do what the piano can. You can make an entire orchestra sound together on the piano.

Online Piano Lessons

Well, I hope I’ve given you every reason to start working on your piano skills. But the most important reason I have not even mentioned: it is just fun to (learn to) play piano! Even later in life!

And learning to play piano is only fun if there are fast results. If you are looking for a suitable method on learning to play the piano just click here!

With this course you will get fast results. Furthermore, the course is very affordable.

Good luck and have fun playing the piano!


Play Piano Course

Rogier IJmker

Rogier IJmker is sinds het jaar 2000 werkzaam in het dirigeer- en arrangeervak. Alle ervaring en kennis die hij heeft opgedaan in al die jaren wil hij nu delen via Verder is hij dirigent van drie koren en schrijft hij arrangementen voor groepen in binnen- en buitenland, voor (semi-)professionele maar ook amateurgezelschappen.