27 april 2012

A really fun thing to do during a warm-up is a ‘loop song’.Loop Song

Each part sings a small loop. You can vary the loops in this song by a sign of the conductor. There is also the possibility to improvise when singers like that.

The following ‘loop song’ can vary so that a sign of the conductor is changed to another course. It can even be improvised when singers like that.

At the bottom of this page there’s a loop song which is free for download and you can use with your choir.

A proposal for the following loop song to study is:

Learn the bass parts to everyone in the choir.

Learn the upper 1/2/3-parts to the sopranos and altos (you can also start with the ‘hey, hey, hey’ parts). Start with number 1 (done by all women, the men keep singing the bass part). If the sopranos can sing part 1, they keep on singing this part. The mezzo and altos will then focus on part 2, etc.

Finally, you learn a part to the tenors. Choose a part that no one is singing.

You can now go and teach other parts. Not everything needs to be sung simultaneously. You can go try everything:

  • basses split
  • men do the “hey, hey, hey’ pieces; women the bass
  • tenors split
  • men do the “pu teh deb dup’ parties, women do the” hey, hey, hey’ parts
  • everyone chooses a part (always ensures variety, it never sounds the same)
  • The possibilities are endless. As a conductor you can change the combination. Just make sure that everyone can sing all parts.

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Lots of fun!


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